Latest News: Anfa Place - Casablanca - Morocco (Architect Foster + Partners)

Movie how was done the Formliners:

DyD . . . products that leave traces.

  • DyD what we do

    We are mould makers.

    We take care of the execution from the original texture until the first commissioning of the mould. Architectural precast concrete, plaster decoration, artificial stone, resin sculptures, prototypes, etc. We are mould makers for several industries.

  • DyD works

    Formliners and moulds.

    We have participated in the most important jobs of architectural concrete, where many years of experience in the construction of moulds, patterns, formliners for textured concrete, etc. helped our customers to reach the goa.
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  • DyD products

    All the products you need.

    We have accessories for your architectural concrete work, in order to grant an efficient and reliable job.
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